I’ve Got Sun On My Day,

I’ve Got Stars On My Night,

I’ve Got My Own Angel On My Heaven,

I’ve Got My Own Demons On My Hell,

I Have Enough Power To Find Life,

I Have Enough Weakness To Face Lies,

They Suppose I’m Perfect,

They Imagine I Never Suffer,


I Ain’t got Sunlight,

I Ain’t got No Angels,

I Ain’t Have Power, and

I Ain’t What They Suppose,

Because I’m The Rest Of Those….

What Keeps Me Alive, Is That….

I Can Make The Day Shines,

I Can Make Heaven,

I Can Make Life, and

I Can Make It Perfect.

Yes, I Can Make All Of Those…

For Somebody Else….Not Me….!!

© Copyright 2004 Khomeini Mujahid All Rights Reserved

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