Go Away

When I Remember How You Love Me

I Can’t Help To Touch Your Lips for My Self

But You’ve Done It Wrong

And I Couldn’t Help With You

Now You Leave Me With Your Past

Leaving Me With These Agony

But Thank God I’m Alone

At Least I’m Free

Cause Now I Can See The Door

The Door Who Helps Me Be

So Go Away

Live Among Your World

Go Away

Cause It Would Help Us Both

And Never Look Back, Just Go Away

Sometimes I Sacrifice I Shouldn’t

Jut To Keep Our Love From Falling Apart

Then You Ruin Everything

Makes Me Strong Enough To Set You Free

Now I Know What Makes You Happy

I Can See It When You’re Not With Me

But You Have To Know What Makes Me Happy

Without You I Can See The Outside

© Copyright 2004 Khomeini Mujahid All Rights Reserved

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